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Final four's looking pretty good! I already think there's a pretty solid potential dynamic to be had here and I'm wondering if we might see a slower, less outright action-packed Endgame this time around. I think that'd be interesting.

@Min-jae. Awesome internal character dialogue, that's been getting more and more in his own unique way profound as things have broken down. I mentioned that on some level I speculated Min-jae was already long gone in the buildup to Endgame and I think that provides all the dramatic impetus we as readers need, I hope we'll get to see the fruits of that, whatever place Min-jae ends up taking.

@Nate. Very dramatic twists and turns for Nate, all while keeping an admirable consistency of character- in a way the arc is a slow burn but it's always been a well paced one that didn't overstay it's welcome! I think Nate will bring something absolutely crucial to endgame in how his character has the most pliancy to try and play a solidly heroic role, and I welcome that potential however it could be explored.

@Fiyori. Wild card bitches? Fiyori's character remains a fascinating exercise in information withholding from and sliiight trolling of the audience via the classic Riki quirks of writing and I'm very glad Riki has a chance to strut for us in an endgame! Fiyori could go any number of ways to be honest but I get the sense that she'll be an axis of conflict. Let's see how far she gets!

@Candice. On the quiet side but still a solid character I have been low key following and admiring for some understated yet effective writing and a good dedication to a slow burn and consistent character progression. Candice has good potential to surprise, she was more or less built up to a certain point, a precipice from which action could be taken any number of ways.

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