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Hi everyone, I'm Ruggahissy. You may know me from such online role playing games as Survival of the Fittest, 3D hentai twins and Survival of the Knittest. One time I even won one of those. Today I'm here to talk about the winner of V2, Bryan Calvert. Let's begin.



The Island Part 1: Game time

Part 2: Partners

Part 3: Bet there’s someone you want to save, Bryan?

Final thoughts: Bryan is good. He's really good. I'd say he's probably the best character in all of V2 and one of the best characters in the history of SOTF. Bryan and Tori are probably my favorite couple I've ever read in in this game. He's the most tragic of all the SOTF winners. He falls in love with a girl and also views himself as not inherently worth a lot, so dedicates himself to propelling her to the win, but fails. He has a good heart, but a lot of flaws and I would highly recommend him.

Editor's note: Crossbow and I came to the conclusion that while Mariavel claims a more romantic relationship with Seth, Seth sees her with sisterly love.
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