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Let's finish our journey strong, friends. We've seen long runs and short runs, obnoxious godmodding and touchingly open scenes. V2apalooza is coming to a close, and so is my tenure in it. My final kid of the version is Kristey Burrowell, and she has 11 threads, but, as always, we're starting with the profile. Spoilered again for length, but nowhere near as organized as Mariavel.

Godspeed You! Kristey Burrowell: Lift Your Skinny Fists like Baseball Bats to Heaven!

I think that's it? This writeup turned out a lot longer than I thought it would have, just a couple thousand short of Mariavel's writeup, which surprised me a bit more than I reckon it would surprise most other people. It was a very draining read, and I'm glad it's over. The V2 read-a-thon may be winding down, but the memories will live forever. I'll let other people take it away now. Thanks for everything, and I'll see you all in another place.

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