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We've given everything we can,
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My word, am I going to be one of the last ones standing?

Here goes, Girl 66, Penelope Withers!


Penny has no pregame, and I'm calling her Penny for short now, so let's move on to...
Version 2, the Island!

Well, here's the summary. Decent prose, poor content. Penelope's only consistent feature is that she's inconsistent, going from poor put-upon woobie one moment to bloodthirsty berserker the next. I won't say I enjoyed reading her, but it wasn't awful either, it passed the time. Like I say the technical writing skill was there, just let down by the subject matter. You can safely skip Penelope, she doesn't really interact with anyone in a meaningful way besides killing one guy and getting killed by another. I hope at least she served a purpose in bringing Elizabeth Ebert down to earth and out of her "it's all a TV show!" schtick. Maybe I'll read Beth later and find out.

All in all, another resounding "meh". And I do believe we're out of kids now.

It's been real guys, thanks Rugga!
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