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Kevin Kapustiak wasn't really much of a character, in my opinion.

Most of his hobbies aren't even mentioned in his profile, and his advantage of being good in street fights pretty much comes out of nowhere. He also has no pregame, so we can jump straight into the island.

Kevin just seems to wander from one place to another without much purpose. He doesn't have a particularly strong voice, either. Also, he refers to himself as "The Wolf" in his first and last threads despite there being no mention of him having a nickname anywhere in his profile, much less being referred to as "The Wolf". In fact, Kevin's most notable quality is the fact that he suddenly starts thinking about burgers multiple times during his journey, which is somewhat amusing.

In Kevin's last thread, he switches handlers, and his personality changes entirely. Now all of a sudden he is incredibly foulmouthed and aggressive, and offers sex with Sera Wingfeld as a prize if Matt Drew manages to kill him, which is pretty gross. Kevin gets overconfident and dies when Matt's friend Rob shoots him in the back of the head, and that is that.

Kevin was never a stellar character, but the personality switch that came when he switched handlers pretty much wrecked what character he had. It's just to jarring for the guy who was just thinking about how Heaven is a land of infinite burgers to suddenly be offering a woman as a wager for a fight to the death. It's just too inconsistent, and I can't recommend him.

Another character, if you please.
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