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These kids just get shorter and shorter! Well, I mean, this guy's technically not very short, at six feet tall, but you know what I mean. He's another guy who got inactive killed, this time by Bryan. Let's just jump right into it now, shall we?

Jordan McKieman is a seventeen year old kid from Franklin High, and he can't decide what exactly he wants out of the things he does for fun, even though he is somehow good at all of them yet still doesn't stick to one thing for very long. He's apparently good looking, though of average build, which somehow doesn't really make too much sense to me but I'll take it. I'm just glad that he isn't younger than me, like the last few kids.

His mother "wears the pants" in the family, as a successful trial lawyer, while his father is a washed-up former musician from whom Jordan gets the majority of his personality. His dabbling in interests leads to a reputation as someone that's good at everything, which leads to many challenging him at whatever hobby they choose, eventually boring Jordan to the point where he just throws whatever competition they choose. The most fitting conclusion about this kid is just that he doesn't apply himself, and that he has the capability to do whatever he wants, but chooses not to because it's all just too much work, or something.

His advantages are that he doesn't get attached to stuff, and that he has a lot of skills. His disadvantages are that he gives up easily and doesn't follow through.

The weapon he gets assigned? Goggles.

I can already tell that this is going to be something of an uneventful ride.

Jordan's first thread, and first post, are the only things done by his original handler, OnceForgotten. He wanders over to the ranch, musing on how quiet everything is, and investigates the building. However, when he sees someone else, he panics, but steels himself to meet someone else. After all, sneaking everywhere can only last so long, he realizes, and goes over to the meet them at the entrance to the barn. This post shows some promise, but it was promise not to be fulfilled, as from here on out Jordan is given to Cyco, as his handler goes inactive and never returns.

We next see Jordan in the record store at the mall, while Tori and Bryan walk around. In a flashback, Jordan decides to turn tail and walk away after hearing the confrontation inside of the barn, and ever since then he's been hiding out and waiting for everything to blow over. However, he hears noises, noticing Bryan's footsteps, and walks over to the corner, seeing that Bryan carries a shotgun. He's content with just leaving the area until he spots Tori, whom he speed walks towards vigorously, dropping his backpack. Tori doesn't bother to look, thinks that Bryan is the one running towards her, and promptly freaks out when she notices that this isn't her companion. He goes in for the kill, wrapping a hand around her neck, as we get another flashback to his walk to the mall, as he searched for a weapon to replace his goggles and hears a gunshot. I like this method of handling the inactivity - flashing back to the time between threads in an attempt to establish a more cohesive narrative link is welcome, I feel.

He reaches out for a blade on a nearby counter, but Tori manages to elbow free and get to it before him, slashing his ankle out. Jordan falls, but pulls himself up on the counter. Unfortunately for himself, Tori is waiting, and tears his mouth open with her knife, Jordan grasping at the bleeding parts of himself, screaming one last desperate war cry, trying to rally his body for one last lunge, only for Bryan to arrive and shoot him square in the leg. He falls, his mangled leg giving out, and breaks his neck when he hits the ground.

That was quicker than I expected. I could count how many posts this guy had on two hands. I do think that Cyco handled him pretty well, though. Don't know how much I'd recommend him alone, but he's still a decently enough written kid, and a good example of inactivity done well in V2, so on those grounds I think he's worth comparing to someone whose inactivity wasn't handled the best.

Last hurrah! Fight to the finish! One more kid!
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