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one of the Infamous Ones and it can't even be paris i see how it is

i'm half asleep and i already know how this is going to go so lets make this quick. Stacy's profile is mostly about how pretty she is. like SO pretty you guys. also if she doesn't get what she wants she'll do anything. ANYTHING. she almost murdered her music teacher apparently so that's nice. oh and she's bulimic. that's stuck at the bottom of her profile because it's obviously unimportant. her advantages are that she's Smart and Beautiful and Manipulative and would Kill A Man and her disadvantages are that she gets mad when she doesn't get her way and would Kill A Man. this seems fine and balanced so far

no pregame thank god so island

i remember as i read her first island thread that she's where Franco Sebberts gets his taser from and so i already irrationally dislike her. anyway she's excited to kill people because

She thinks to herself I will prove that I will win this game and show those idiots who really is the best person in here. Not only is she jealous, but she also resents them so much do to the fact she sees some of them as stupid and inferior to herself. She sees them as so, because of the fact that sex can change almost any man into a slave. For this they need to be punished, cause it makes them weak.

i get what the point here is but 1. it's a bad point and 2. it's confusingly written af

next thread (the first one is a failed attempt at a starting thread, a oneshot w/ no resolution) is- goddammit this is anthony ainsworth's intro thread why do i have to deal with him again. right this is the girl he calls a filthy heathen whore with hands of death!! suddenly i don't blame him so much for trying to get away from her. also, to be fair, i skimmed her posts the first time around and this time i can confirm that shes being a v2 succubus. when he ditches her she breaks random shit and decides to go looking for victims. yay

i went to do something else for a while because this is boring where was i

next thread is a one post pass-through where she sees Jenna Cassidy looking at a corpse (one of sam sorenson's postmortem victim's i'm pretty sure. uuugh) and is more horrified by how unattractive Jenna is than by the body. lovely. mvoing on next thread her thoughts are in blue which i Hate please don't do this amd she decides to act innocent and sweet while loudly thinking about how stupid Blake Ross is for being upset over seeing a corpse. she tries to woo him and he isn't having it and then suddenly she's like DO I HAVE FEELINGS FOR THIS BOY because she's displaying basic human decency which to be fair is weird for her. then in the next post she's back to thinking about how stupid he is for feeling bad about murder. blake leaves by himself which is a smart move on himself which leaves stacy impotently flailing about how he isn't allowed to say no to her because she's Too Pretty

last thread here we go i know how this one goes. basically she sees franco and tries to attack him and her reasoning is that hitting on people hasn't worked so far and so she should just kill people instead. then she gets crushed to death and her taser moves on to bigger and worse things.

tl;dr/final thoughts: Stacy Holorson isn't Sam Sorenson but she's bad. like from moment one on the island she's excited to kill people and then she just hits on boys and gets mad when they don't immediately fall for her and then she dies. don't read her

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