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y'know if I wasn't gonna get Paris i was hoping for a short one at least. but noooo. nothing's ever easy

LadyMakaze is one of the better v2 writers so i'm hoping this goes well. Matthias's profile is fine. a lot of it is dedicated to an incident where he was supposed to be watching his sister and she wandered off and got kidnapped but was thankfully rescued before she got too far, which made Matthias go from apathetic brother to super protective brother. he has a Lot of interests and one of his advantages is basically that he's "well-rounded". he's believable enough though I don't get a whole lot of personality from his profile? he's basically a calm cool and collected sort of guy who's like average levels of social and according to his disadvantages would feel bad about killing people. good to know

he has two pregame threads and they're both on the old site. instead of going thru them i'm just gonna give you my general impression: Matthias is a Nice Dude. like, he's nice. he's so nice you guys. i mean he does get in a fight because some asshole breaks his saxophone but what're you gonna do Not fight people who break your shit? nah. also he loves his sister very much and i love her too. she's adorable.

island. apparently jodeen was there when the franklin kids got taken, but she's not actually on the island? so matt is freaking out about finding her but we already know that's a dead-end plot which is not great. but he also wakes up near Whitney and they had a relationship in pregame already and they're so happy to see each other and it's so sweet and genuine and i love them already. except for no reason whatsoever tanesha lexx decides they need to JUST DIE! and throws a flashbang at them. thanks obama. mariavel shows up (LE A VE M E A LONE) and i'm going to save this one for posterity
Fucking all the boys made you smell like tuna, and Mariavel fucked all the boys.

i'm no expert but i don't think that's how sex works!! anyways

mariavel and tanesha are yelling at each other and matt's thoughts are basically "what the actual fuck is going on." i'm with you buddy.

for once i'm not going to go into a play-by-play of how the rest of this goes because 1. matt's character is pretty well summed up by the first thread and 2. he's actually pretty good and you should read him yourself. but basically he falls into the role of Whitney's protector pretty quickly. he thinks about his sister and finding her but thankfully (seeing as she's Not In The Game) his handler doesn't focus on that too much. they run into Eric Silvstedt, the guy matt got in a fight with in pregame, and they Fight after eric provokes him by bringing up his sister, and no one dies because matt is too good to kill anyone basically

then matt and whitney separate, for good apparently, so so much for me being able to sum him up easily. the narration says that they split up and i guess they didn't make a good plan to find each other again? whoops. also he's back to mostly worrying about his sister, and i hate that his sister isn't actually here, it gives matt's whole story an emotional dead end. also worth noting that Megami is writing Matt now and doing a perfectly good job of it; i actually didn't notice he had a new handler at first. maybe thats why he and Whitney split up, so Megami wouldn't have to write them together? wait no whitney spends the entire rest of the game with ricky callahan and he's megami's also that wouldn't make sense. i am getting distracted.

now i can Actually sum up the rest of matt's game pretty quickly: he's looking for his sister. he meets people and asks if they've seen his sister. it's very unfulfilling because we Know he'll Never Find Her. it makes me sad. he continues to be well-written but i am still sad. why couldn't he stay with whitney. i'm irrationally blaming ricky callahan for this. then mariavel shoots him. why must mariavel destroy things i love?? she mostly misses and matt tries to reason with her which is a Bad Mistake. do not try to reason with mariavel. do not feed rabid animals. it works eventually and mariavel starts crying about her brother or something but at that point matt is already bleeding to death. i want to be sad but his death is in songpost form which just ruins the moment big time?? and it jumps to matt's family's house for Added Emotional Impact. i am happy to actually see jodeen (i was kind of afraid the terrorists had just decided she was in the way and killed her) but it's super emotionally manipulative when combined with the songpost.

... i'm still kinda sad tho.

tl;dr/final thoughts: matt is a really good character with really solid writing and a really great first few threads that i'd recommend to anyone. up through Headhunter, his third thread, he's probably the best character i've read so far. after Megami adopts him, though, things go downhill, and it's by no means the fault of Megami's writing, which is still great. it's just at this point he loses any motivation that isn't "find my sister", and (i know i keep saying this but Seriously) that's a pointless plot to harp on when the audience Knows she isn't on the island! there's no reason to write the story so that he thinks she Is there when she Isn't and his story could have been more interesting! also his death is kind of a wash, it's a combination of "mariavel kills someone for basically no reason" and "tragic songpost death" and it makes me itch. overall i'd say he's worth a read, even though he starts out stronger than he ends up (and not just because he ends up dead lmao)

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