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head shot (drank)
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Dan Johnson's profile is totally kosher. okay he has "good shot" as an advantage because he spends time at a shooting range which always sets alarm bells off in my head but it's not super unrealistic. he's a big dude who's apparently a hockey star who now has a bad knee. mostly he just seems like a regular jock kid. fine by me

he's got no pregame and five island threads. his first post references v1 which i don't really care for since i haven't read v1, but it's nothing major: he had a favorite in v1 and rooted for her and then had to slowly watch her go mad from the circumstances. he's a lot more chill than i'd necessarily expect but it comes across more as a mix between shock and disbelief than just apathy. next thread he starts threatening Adrian Grey for his weapon. hm. i mean to be fair Adrian lobs a rock at him first, but it still seems like a quick jump to violence. actually to be fair i just went back and reread dan's profile and being kinda quick to jump to fighting as a solution, so i'll let it slide. he uses the word "Dan-kebab", which amuses me. Ernest Decarteret walks in and Dan starts immediately being a dick to him too. okay Dan's profile does say that he "rubs people the wrong way" but honestly at this point i feel like he must've been a school bully or something. Adrian Dies accidentally and ernest doesn't care and dan cares slightly but mostly he cares that ernest isn't respecting his authoritah, and ernest leaves and dan does too and idk what to say about it

dan's third thread is one fairly meaningless post about where he's heading to ride out the incoming storm and how he doesn't care about the names he recognizes on the announcement. fourth thread is another one shot where Cyco also takes over Edgar Judah for his death, and it's well done and kind of emotional. on edgar's side, anyway. dan just kinda finds edgar and decides to kill him. i mean edgar does shoot at him w/ a taser first but that's because dan snuck up on him?

last thread and it's at this point i realize dan is killed by R. Kelly. :| they fight, dan gets hit with two flashbangs and then stuck with his own syringe, he dies. this is quick because i don't know what else to say

tl;dr/final thoughts: i'm disappointed. Cyco is a really good writer and Dan is written just fine, he just isn't a particularly interesting dude since he never connects with anyone else on the island and never really shows any emotion outside of "imma fight you". just because of the quality of the writing he was a Fine Read i guess but i wouldn't really recommend him. Cyco has way better characters.

next kid please!
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