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Christian Cohen is... something.

Christian's profile is pretty out there, mostly because the vast majority of it revolves around his relationship with his girlfriend, who he married at age sixteen and currently lives with in a storage room where they frequently play music and have parties. This setup doesn't make sense to me, and after spending a long time questioning it I just decided to try to move on and not let it bother me.

Christian's time on the island was very short, as his only appearances came in the form of two one-shots and he never encounters any other characters aside from those written by his handler. Christian makes his debut by getting in a brief scuffle with Jonathan Michaels and getting a few pretty good jabs at his character flaws and coming off almost as a philosopher of sorts for a moment or two. They eventually wind up playing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets Jonathan's gun, and Chris wins. He takes the gun, runs away, and fires a long-range shot at Jonathan on the way out.

Christian's next appearance is at the scene of Jonathan Michaels' death, where the boxer is flayed by Brandon Cuthbert. Disturbed by this sight, he tries to shoot down Brandon, but winds up being subdued and vivisected by the pint-sized sadist. A disturbing end for a character that certainly didn't deserve it.

Christian had a pretty out-there concept, but compared to the people that he interacted with in-game, he was downright agreeable. However, despite me not disliking him as a character, I still wouldn't recommend reading him since he never interacts with any characters worth following, and his death scene is very unpleasant.

Another character, if you please.
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