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head shot (drank)
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While his light blue eyes gleam with arrogance, and are strangely intimidating in their confidence,

why do people write like this

anyway Franco Sebberts comes genuinely recommended, has 13 threads, and got two BKAs. but he dies of inactivity and also taser rape so it's a tossup.

this is really long oops

tl;dr/final thoughts: I actually really liked a lot of Franco, especially if you kinda leave your brain at the door and don't try to take him too seriously. he's a competently written (for the most part; there's plenty of typos but not ones bad enough to bug me) flamboyant villain who displays some real emotion and character in between killing people and saying ridiculous shit. that is, until you get up to his later threads (starting with Humanity), where it just feels like he's trying to outdo his own villainy and do horrible things for the sake of it rather than because it's what his character would do. so would i recommend franco? Yeah, actually, but just stop after Restraining Order: Part Two. actually you can stop after In Order to Survive since Restraining Order: Part Two really doesn't need franco in it at all. so yeah read his pregame and his first seven topics on-island and then make up a better ending for him with no taser rape. i believe in you.

my hands are tired. give me another one
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