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Why, hello there.
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Our first introduction to Michael has him throwing a temper tantrum, smashing everything that he can find nearby, while blaming somebody named Shane Moyer for getting him sent to the island. There’s no indication of who Shane Moyer is, other than the fact that Michael thinks that he’s a “faggot” and a “preppy bitch”. Off to a good start, I see.

He then stumbles upon a conversation between Alexander Bee, Edgar Judah, and Anthony Ainsworth(who I complained about a bit in my review of Edgar). Still not a fan of Anthony, by the way. Michael then disappears for several rounds of posting (I guess post order just wasn’t a thing in V2) before briefly interjecting with an swing of his golf club at a nearby bottle before realizing that acting aggressive around a clearly insane person probably isn’t a good idea. Michael is however unable to stop himself from laughing at Anthony’s ridiculous attempt to perform an exorcism on Edgar. Seeing that Anthony clearly isn’t about to calm down any time soon, Michael decides to take his chances elsewhere and runs off into the rain.

He then is killed off in a Mariavel Massacre™.

Overall, he wasn’t too bad of a character, but his run isn’t anything really worth looking at. He only has 4 short posts to his name, and most of his time is spent reacting to Anthony’s lunacy rather than doing anything interesting of his own. I’d lean towards not recommending him, as he’s little more than fodder, unfortunately.

I’ll take another character. Looks like we've almost reached the end.
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