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I didn't enjoy Debrah Dollop.

She only had a couple of posts in pregame, the only notable event of which was when she gave someone an erection by licking her lips in her very first post. Seriously, why were so many v2 characters obsessed with sex?

On the island, she was obsessed with finding her sister Deliah, and it was emphasized in almost every post of hers. Once she does get some information from Melanie DeSilva, she kills her immediately afterward. Granted, Melanie was begging Debrah to kill her, but the fact that Debrah feels no guilt for doing so, and the narrative outright states that she saw Melanie as someone who had outlived her use to her doesn't put her in a good light.

Once Debrah finds Deliah is when things really go off the rails, though. You see, Deliah was pregnant, and the stresses of the island caused her to miscarry right in front of her sister. The miscarriage is described in disgusting detail, and Debrah kills Deliah afterward in a fit of rage and despair. This scene made me incredibly uncomfortable, and I have absolutely no intention of going back to read it at any point in the future.

Once Deliah is dead, Debrrah takes her severed hand and wanders the island in full-on freakout mode for two more threads before suddenly deciding to make a heroic stand against Vesa Turunen and getting killed for it.

I do not recommend Debrah Dollop. She spends her entire story being obsessed with her sister, making her come off as a very flat, limited character. The fact that her story involves an incredibly disgusting scene does not do her any favors either. If you're reading v2, I'd say you should give her a skip.

Another character, if you please.
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