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i'm the worst
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Well fuck me sideways and call me Sally, I got Bryanís first kill!

Danís appearance is good for V2. I donít have much more to say. His profile is good. Dan is good. Itís unrealistic, but itís good.

Dan has no pregame.

Dan does have island though.

Itís good. He and Bryan have a fight and then Bryan shoots Dan. They have a heart to heart as Dan bleeds out. Itís good.

Conclusion: Dan is pretty good I guess, though youíll end up reading him if you read Bryan.

As you might be able to tell, Iím getting a bit burned out, so Iíll refrain from asking for another. FOR NOWÖ.
Ravioli Marill - Today at 9:49 AM
(Mariavel is Kermit)

Some people that might be in V7 (or not):

Michael Froese: "Is it bad that I hope today's the day Richard finally fucking snaps, brings a gun to school, and shoots me in the head? Because I really can't deal with this shit anymore."

Valerija Bogdanovic: "If we as a society continue using words like "cuck" or "Reagan fetishist" to describe those who's political views differ from our own, we will accomplish nothing. Alienating each other will just lead to further division. If I were to insult you straight to your face, it's not like you'd hold my opinion with any merit."

Maxwell Fenster: "Okay then."

V1 sprites!

mini stuff!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Wow look here's a big ol' spotify playlist, listen to it (only if u want im not ur boss)!
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