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Edgar’s only pregame thread is the murder-mystery thread, which is fairly painful to read due to formatting issues and gaps in the narrative due to lost posts. Edgar seems like a decent guy, strangely unfazed by the fact that one of his classmates just died, but then again, so are most people in that thread, seemingly. I’ll give him a pass there, since I’ll just assume that having classmates die is a regular occurrence in the crime ridden slum that is Denton, New Jersey.

I liked his waking up post. He prays for protection and regrets going on the trip, seeing as he didn’t want to leave his mother back home and had to be talked into going by his father and grandmother. I was really relieved at this point that I had finally found a religious character who wasn’t going to be an insane stereotype. The thread goes like a normal, modern SOTF thread almost, at least until Mariavel walks in. The thread becomes rather chaotic, with multiple arguments going on simultaneously and weapons being pointed at various people in a sort of tense standoff. Things begin cooling down, and Edgar quickly cements himself as my favourite character in the thread by acting as the voice of reason to the other characters’ wild accusations and threats. He turns down Mariavel’s offer of an alliance and exits the thread, resolving not to compromise his morals by committing murder.

My one gripe is that throughout the thread, Edgar refers repeatedly to an unnamed half-brother who isn’t mentioned in his profile, and who apparently was abducted during SOTF V1. This normally wouldn’t be too bad, by V2 standards, but I’ve reread his posts several times and I can’t figure out who this half-brother was. It’s rather annoying.

In the next thread, Edgar encounters what is probably the worst Christian stereotype that I’ve seen thus far (and I’ve seen quite a few), Anthony Ainsworth. Coming in right after Anthony’s rant about how God must have sent them into the game to have them slaughter “godless heathens” as a test of character, Edgar shuts him down right away. Edgar, operating under the very understandable assumption that God had abandoned him, is immediately set upon by Anthony, who assumes that he is possessed by a demon. Edgar decides, quite reasonably, that it wouldn’t be wise to stick around with the lunatic who has now begun to attempt an exorcism upon him, and gets the hell out of dodge.

It was at this point that riserugu left the site, and Cyco takes over as Edgar’s handler for his final post. While his character does shift to become a bit more introspective, the adoption is handled way better than any other adoption I’ve seen from V2 so far. He has a quiet moment as he sits in the dark, questioning his faith yet afraid to abandon what is at the moment the only source of stability in his life. After a moment of reflection, he is ambushed by Dan Johnson, who after a brief fight injects...something into Edgar from a syringe, which rapidly kills him. As his consciousness fades away, Edgar ends his time on the island just as it began, with a prayer.

In the announcement where Edgar’s death is mentioned, it is revealed that his half-brother is...Hawley Faust. You’d think this would have been mentioned in his profile, but nope. I vaguely remember Hawley having a brother back in V1, but I’ve only read bits and pieces of his storyline so I wouldn’t have been able to make the connection.

Overall, I think Edgar was a pretty good, down-to-earth character, and one of the few examples of a character whose religious beliefs influenced his character in a realistic way, rather than being used as an excuse for him to murder people. His narrative was fairly interesting to read, and I like that he was willing to shut down the over-the-top hysterics of some of his more unstable classmates. Unfortunately, the Hawley Faust connection doesn’t do much for the character, and I think it’s pretty ridiculous to expect the reader to be familiar with the backstory of a character from a previous version in order to understand what’s going on with your character. The handler didn’t have to give me Hawley’s entire backstory or anything, just put a line in Edgar’s profile or something saying “This guy is Hawley Faust’s half-brother”, and the story would have made a lot more sense. Thankfully, she seems to recognize this and ditches that plotline after Edgar’s first thread, though since the thread in question takes up more than half of Edgar’s total time on the island, it’s a little too late for that.

I think the character is easier to recommend to readers who are already familiar with Hawley Faust, but regardless, I feel like Edgar was a solid addition to the V2 roster and one of the better characters on the island.

I’ll take another character.
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