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Well, turns out I already sorta read Kyle Rizea, since he was the rando guy I mentioned Bryan Calvert killing in my Matty Drew review. Also turns out that Kyle RIZea is actually v2 Riz, as in based on the same guy v3 Riz was! Also this doesn't really "turn out" since this should be obvious to anyone, but the combination of "Riz", "born in Waterloo Ontario" and "weakness: women" means this is most certainly a Dan character. Not complaining there!

Speaking of women and Waterloo, Kyle's first thoughts: "Fuckin eh! My god damn head hurts. Both of them"

He then thinks about how much he hates Italian soccer players. He reads through the manual and in effect, decides that not killing folks is for pussies even if it's the smarter way and so why not go bloodily murder some folks? It starts raining though so he sensibly decides to instead look around with his binoculars until that stops.

Matty Drew and Rob (also handled by Dan) and Anna (inactive at this point) come in but don't do anything but follow from a distance. Calvert also arrives, and Kyle sees him and decides to sneak attack him and kill Bryan with his own shotgun, owing to the fact that Kyle can't die because he'll soon be a millionaire soccer player. I'm guessing that won't work, Kyle. This scene has been handled with some decent suspense thus far, people converging on the industrial sector in the rain while a guy scopes them out and plans to ambush them. He hits Bryan with a half-brick and the others react to the sounds of sudden fighting, with Rob saying he'll check it out.

So Bryan rises towards Rizes, pissed now, and Kyle decides to take off. He tries to scrabble up a fire escape, but slips in the rain and Calvert comments on the dumbness of that before yanking Kyle down, giving him a headbutt, and beating his face in in a rage. THE END.

Hey. For a one-thread v2-era wonder, you can't ask for too much more than that. Yes, Kyle has no character, decides to be a player for no reason, and turns out pure fodder for Bryan. It's all competently written and no one gets their genitals bitten off. I don't complain.

One more.
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