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Prepare for stream of consciousness, I'm going to write this in real time.


Pregame! He has one thread.

Version 2 proper! The Island!

Okay so, summary.
John's written without much technical skill, I can't really find a delicate way to say that and I doubt the original handler will ever see this to be offended by it. His first post had to be edited from first to third person, which explains why he managed to miss out parts of it and get the weird mix of "he", "I" and "we" in there. As far as characterisation goes, he's nothing special, though he seems to be written as though he is. He reacts to everything that happens with an extremely blasé indifference, showing not the slightest hint of fear having guns or crossbows pointed at him, far outstripping what you'd reasonably expect from his supposed advantages of wisdom and maturity. It feels as though the handler has bought into his own hype and is writing John as this stoic badass who's obviously going to get through everything he encounters, dropping some profound wisdom-bombs along the way. He's then taken over by Mitsuko who does at least spare him the indignity of a Mariavel slaughterhouse, instead sending John out in a literal blaze of glory after a short duel to the death, which I guess does pay some homage to his intended characterisation.

Honest final thoughts; John's not really worth reading. His death isn't even that great, and feels kind of perfunctory from Mitsuko, though I guess she did have a lot of killing to get done, so I can't entirely hold that against her. Points for trying to be a decent person on-island in a version full of psychotic killers and rapists, but at least as many deducted for being a poorly written shonen protagonist cliché. In a word: meh.

But screw it, give me one more.
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