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Minimal screaming this time!

Oh hey it’s Mitch! I read some of him when I was reading through Ernest (we don’t speak of that anymore), and, well, he was good from a technical standpoint, but he ended up being too much of a cloud-cuckoo-lander to really grab me as a character, and I ended up more engrossed with his more reasonable counterpart, Cathalie. Well, maybe my opinion will change, who knows?

Actually that whole paragraph was mostly a lie because I’ve read him before, but let’s just pretend this is the first time. For funzies.


"Hobbies and Interests: No extracurricular activities. Interests and hobbies include reading, taking in stray animals, solving puzzles and playing mind-stretching games, stealing shiny objects, wandering around, taking apart machinery, napping, and being with Cathalie."

If I didn’t know Mitch was a human, I’d assume he was the comic-relief animal sidekick in an animated children’s movie. That’s fine, I guess. I was okay with Ernest having weird hobbies, so I’ll be okay with this.

Mitch gives the impression that he’s sickly and underfed. wow #twinzies! He’s strong though, and his fingers look like claws. The look in his eyes conveys the fact that he’s often somewhere else mentally. He goes barefoot most of the time, which is definitely against school dress code, but fuck it, whatever. Also his shirts are really big and usually expose his shoulders, which is also against dress code, I’d assume. Oh well. It’s not the biggest dress code violation in V2. *coughJohn Davies wearing weird martial arts clothes even though he goes to a school that requires he wears a school uniformcough*

Mitch is covered in burns and scars which are covered by bandages (He’s not a mummy or anything, they’re just on his arms/neck/torso). Mitch pulls on them a lot, so they’re kinda hanging off of him. Aren’t bandages routinely changed? Oh well. I’m sure there’ll be a charming explanation for why he’s covered in burns/scars/burn scars.

Huh. Well, it’s not a charming explanation, but it’s better than no explanation. Well, actually, there’s no explanation for the initial scars other than he had them when he was orphaned at age one, but the rest of the scars are from abusive foster families. Christ on a bike that’s disturbing. New Jersey, fix your fucking foster care system, jesus. He met Cathalie Meguro at the age of five, and they’ve been friends ever since. The rest of his bio is establishing how he kind of acts like uh, well, a comic-relief animal sidekick in an animated children’s movie (Cathalie’s the hero of the movie.).
His profile’s fine. It’s well written from a technical standpoint and it’s not like he’s any less believable than Ernest.

Under the “your thoughts” section of his wiki page, there’s this: ""I want to have Mitch's virtual babies"- Leo"

I’m hoping this is a good sign.

Pregame: More like prelame hahahah I don’t want to read V2 pregame anymore! I’m assuming CBP goes over it in his Cathalie writeup that I’m not gonna read until I’m done with this. If not, sorry.

Game: eh screw it i’m not gonna go over it in detail. Basically Mitch and Cathalie meet up really early on, and their relationship is TBH pretty heartwarming (ouch my heart no again). Mitch says stuff that’s mostly disconnected from reality and Cathalie’s like “no Mitch calm urself”. Ernest bumbles along and I’ve already talked about it. Also Mitch knows a lot about guns apparently, I guess. He could ID the exact kind of gun used in the prologue video, so that’s something. Also Cathalie’s G01 and Mitch is B01. Mitch and Cathalie have a little exchange and heeeeeeeeeerreeeeee’s Venus! Everyone runs away from Venus. End Thread! I know I didn’t really go into detail about this thread, but I quite liked it. It’s pretty good!

Next thread! Franco is a bad person! He sticks a tazer up Cathalie’s girlparts and tazes her! And then he kills both of them! FRAAAAAANCOOOOOOO! I’m bothered.

Well that just seemed kinda cruel to kill him off that way. aw man. :' (

Conclusion: While he’s not that realistic, Mitch is still a nice, good character. I will admit that I did prefer Cathalie over him, but only because I inherently prefer characters that behave in a grounded manner. I was sad to see them go inactive, and I really wish I could have seen where they went had they not been, well, inactive’d. Overall, Mitch is a pretty good read, just maybe skip the death thread. I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

Another one!
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