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Aaah, fuck Alexander Bee.

Alexander is a history nerd, that's his character. He's pretty simple and flat, and all of his posts are wrought with spelling and grammatical errors. Every sentence has something wrong in it.

Alexander is assigned a claymore mine as his weapon. He immediately decides that he wants to blow up the lighthouse. His only reason for this is that he wants to thin out the competition a bit. Not the greatest survival plan. I think his handler was just really excited that he was given the opportunity to possibly blow up a building, so he decided to make that his goal with Alex.

Alex gets held up by a girl with a gun and runs away. He goes to the lighthouse, but it becomes a danger zone. He decides to blow up the mall instead, but there are people there and he leaves. Then, he goes inactive.

Alex is part of a three person inactive death written by Megami. Megami writes him much better than Strawberry_Prince did. Does that count as an exception to the V2 adoption trend? Anyway, the death is stupid as hell. The terrorists crash a boat off of the coast of the island somehow and the three doomed kids decide to hide in it. The boat apparently has some super duper terrorist secrets, so Danya just sets off Alex's collar. That sets off the mine and everyone is incinerated. At least Alex got to blow some people up in the end, I guess.
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