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Alright, Peter Rosenthal. A kid with five whole on-island threads and two kills who ends up committing suicide. Might actually?? Be interesting??? lets see. his profile bugs me because he's apparently up to 300 pounds which is "a bit overweight" which is Not. this is a nitpick. less of a nitpick: he loses his virginity to a 20-something-year-old dude when he's 14 and i'm supposed to be totally cool w/ that. i am not! i am not cool with that. this experience apparently helps him realize he's gay and i continue to be uncomfortable with statutory rape being framed as a positive experience. anyway he's a big smart gay guy who takes things too personally. got it. i'm gonna just feel slightly uncomfortable for the rest of this writeup

peter has 2 pre-game threads but one is lost to the ages and the other, according to the wiki, peter's handler wanted deleted anyway, so I'm not gonna read it and lets go straight to his game proper. his opening post is fine- he panicks, he finds his weapon, he thinks of his... boyfriend? crush? he has no pregame so i have no idea what his relationship with Andi Ayala is. anyway he thinks of him and is Worried. he's in a thread with Mamien Darter-Cadison whose red text is giving me a headache and Kristey Burrowell who's kind of in a mood. Peter is definitely the most normal person here. he's actually trying to be nice and learn who these other people are and doesn't immediately want to murder them! i'm proud. basically this whole thread Camien Marter-Dadison is contemplating murder w/ the voices in his head, Kristey is considering murdering Him, and Peter is just kind of like :|, which is the correct reaction. sam sorenson wanders into the thread and peter doesn't even acknowledge it happened which makes me like him more. apparently Kristey is Andi's half-sister and Andi is confirmed to be Peter's boyfriend and they're friends now and the area becomes a danger zone so they leave

next thread. a lot of people are here! i actually like how the relationship between Peter and Kristey is winding up. like they're sticking together because they're looking for the same person, and they're not overly sentimental or overly aggressive toward each other. they're just kinda neutral-to-friendly in a way that works. on the other hand now Peter is considering killing Mamien Carter-Dadison outright instead of just considering killing him if he needs to in the future. which... Might be justified, considering how he's been acting? anyway they don't really interact with anyone here, they just spot Meme Name Boy from afar and he spots them and then they run.

holy shit I only at this point realized Andi Ayala is one of his kills. huh. wait didn't Polybius talk about this. i'm going to completely ignore that so i can pretend this might go well. next thread: i read this one!! it's the one where matt lafferty gets eaten (not literally) (please god no cannibalism v2 is bad enough) by andi ayala which makes this the reunion thread i guess. Peter doesn't actually turn up until 5 pages in where he runs into Vesa Turunen and apparently they had been penpals or something so now they're bros. and then he sees Andi! and it's at this point that Peter's island story goes reeeal downhill real fast. like I mentioned in Matthew's writeup his handler has him act very OOC to give Andi an excuse to kill him, which he does. Kristey (Andi/Kristey/Matthew all have the same handler btw, as do Peter and Vesa, this thread is really hard to follow) sees Andi kill Matt and is immediately terrified and that basically ends the Peter/Kristey alliance. and also Kristey was apparently planning on killing Andi from the start. i missed that little tidbit apparently. also Kristey uses the word "faggot" to describe her brother like 7573 times in this thread and it's off-putting

i need to stop rambling so much here's the short version of The Peter Rosenthal Story from here on out: he loves Andi, is cool w/ killing everyone else, and is openly mocking toward people who die who have teased him in the past. some guy walks in on them when they're about to fuck and they decide that's a good enough reason to kill him. then they fuckmurder-suicide which is a new one

final thoughts/tl;dr:

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this could have been good! Peter was actually a pretty decent character at the beginning!! i was kind of looking forward to finding out why/how he kills his boyfriend!!! HE IGNORED SAM SORENSON!! but then he actually finds his boyfriend and it just turns into the Tragic Gay Love Murder Story. you know. that stereotypical tale. anyway basically him and andi merge into one being once they find each other and it's not interesting or compelling. so in the end Peter's still one of the better characters I've read but I still wouldn't recommend him because he disappointed me. he disappointed all of us. :(

next kid please !
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