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Why, hello there.
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Jameson only has one post, but it's actually not too bad.

Basically, what happens is that the terrorists were flying a little too high with the helicopter that they dumped him on the island from, and Jameson breaks a bunch of bones, which are abnormally fragile due to not being fully healed from a recent accident. He then suffocates due to his shattered ribs shredding his lungs and other internal organs. The death post focuses mostly on the physical effects of the damage to Jameson's body and his quick realization that he's going to die. It's done competently, but the read isn't too interesting, overall.

I don't know if I can recommend him, exactly, but his run is short enough that it won't take much time for you to read him if you want to give him a shot. Not much else that I can say, really.

Another character, please.
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