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Ladies and gentlemen, today I bring you the story of the phantom rape. On one side of the coin we have Kayla Ravoy, who was tragically raped by her boyfriend Felix, and whose rape has stuck with her ever since, infecting her mind with images of him racing around the island bestowing his own brand of violence upon its innocent inhabitants. On the other, Felix himself, who claims that it was all lies. I really, really wish I could overlook the rape stuff since it sort of cancels itself out amongst the characters, but since it informs a ton of Kayla’s early game decisions, it’s really hard to.

Kayla lies a lot - or, we’re informed that she does - so the rape itself is cast into this crazy amount of doubt, exacerbated by the fact that both Felix and Kayla were handled by the same person. Kayla’s posts are short and peppered with typos and tense failures, but between the haze of grammatical issues a character is formed, albeit one that’s somewhat against the author’s intentions.

Kayla’s entire story pivots on Felix - he is constantly in her thoughts as this big time villain who is definitely murdering mass amounts of people. Her entire story seems a parallel to his, except nothing really happens with hers. Her first interaction on the island is one that goes nowhere with a girl, then she stops by another person, sees a dead body, and immediately turns tail - a one post drive by. It seems like it’s building towards an eventual meet-up for the two, which we seem to be getting in the third thread. Except, surprise! We just follow the fascinating adventures of Felix as he runs around the area collecting the ‘healthiest snacks he can find’ while Kayla, Gail, and Jackie sit and talk. These four characters are handled by two people, and it is… pretty terrible reading.

When Felix finally comes face to face with Kayla, we are truly in for a pinnacle of foreshadowing. We’ve followed Kayla’s headspace wherein she can barely go two posts without mentioning this awful human who raped her before she could break off their relationships, where she insists that he’s probably racing around with a knife on his penis and is using it to stab people to death with, and when they meet up we are treated to an incredibly awkward argument between the two where everyone else just kinda… sits around and watches, I guess.

Felix hits Kayla with her boomerang - to which she claims he just tried to take her arm off (throwing serious water on the rape claims if she exaggerates this much) and then entices Jackie to attack him. While doing so, she plots the best way to attack Felix herself. When Jackie tells her to run, however, she immediately does so.

Kayla is such a bitch.

She goes inactive/adopts off, and then… dies in someone else’s post.

Man, the fact that she was only really utilized to boost someone else’s story bothers me. She does have some interesting parts of her that are up for debate - whether or not she’s lying/perceiving the rape as something different, whether or not she actually gives a crap about her friends, etc. Because of the hand-off to Dan, she basically teleports between threads and none of this stuff is explored.
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