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As an aside before we start, I really like Narfinkoolís avatar. It looks pretty cool and I think it really fits the tone of the scenes he is in, as well as the edginess that characterizes a lot of V2.
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Russí first post is written in present tense. Itís a little difficult to read, but the grammar and prose are much easier to read than other character affected by the same problem, so itís not as bad as it could have been. He soon corrects this problem, thankfully, and begins writing in past tense like everyone else, with only occasional slips back into present.

One thing that I donít like is that he signals that a character is dreaming not through the narrative, but through OOC tags. It really breaks the immersion, and is kind of unnecessary, since most readers would easily be able to tell when the dream in question begins and ends.

His handler is a pretty inexperienced writer, and it shows, but his work is far from unreadable. I really liked that Russí narrative showed him to be a fairly ordinary guy, albeit with some anger issues. The backstory of abuse adds almost nothing to the character, but I would prefer that to seeing him use it as an excuse to turn into a psychopathic slasher villain, as has happened with several other characters in this version.

We then come to an interesting scene while a shotgun-wielding Russ stands between Franco Sebberts and Marvin Hendrick, as both try to convince him to kill the other guy. After brief consideration, Russ accepts, on the basis of Francoís spurious logic, that Marvin has gone insane and is going to kill them both. This poor judgement, while a little confusing, makes sense coming from Russ, whose profile notes that heís not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. The two of them make short work of Marvin, and resolve to form an alliance.

The two of them continue on, with Franco making up the brains of the duo, and Russ making up the brawn. They scavenge for supplies for a bit, and share a quiet moment where they discuss their pasts and how things were for them at school. It was an interesting dynamic, as Russ is clearly a lot more invested in their partnership than Franco, yet Franco canít help but appreciate Russí simple-minded loyalty towards him.

Franco goes to pick up his Best Kill Award for killing Marvin, leaving Russ on the outside of the danger zone. Surprisingly, while Russ does appear briefly in this thread, it isnít in his list of threads on the wiki. Iím not sure if I should add it in, but probably will after I finish this review.

The duo goes on to the mall, where they have a confrontation with another V2 duo, Matt and Rob. Russí inner thoughts, while already somewhat angry, begin to ramp up in aggression as he begins to finally have some doubts as to the wisdom of his continued partnership with Franco. After some internal conflict, his existing trust in Franco wins out, and Russ continues following him, albeit reluctantly. His trust in Franco is somewhat validated as the two of them work together to take out an attacker, watching each otherís backs and using strategy to back the girl into a corner before Franco finishes her off.

However, it is at this point that a different type of doubt sets in. Russ begins to realize that he doesnít exactly have the stomach for killing, and fears that Franco will find this out and abandon him. He begins to put on a gangster-style facade of brutality in order to hide his self-perceived weakness, while never actually killing anyone himself.

Russ and Francoís partnership comes to an end as one would expect. While scavenging for supplies, a shelf falls over and traps Russ against the ground just as the area is declared a danger zone. Franco, as expected, prioritises his own well being and leaves Russ to his death. The post, while written entirely by Francoís handler, does Russ a great deal of justice, in my opinion. Russ lashes out impotently as he realizes that heís been betrayed by somebody who he thought he could trust, as Franco walks away guilty for his selfish abandonment of somebody who was loyal enough to not to the same to him.

I really enjoyed reading this part of the story. Narfinkoolís writing isnít amazing, and his dialogue feels fairly unnatural, but his action scenes were pretty good. Russ felt like a solid character and the two handlers involved do a decent job of selling the partnership between Russ and Franco. While definitely not one of SOTFís best characters, I feel like I can recommend Russ as one of V2ís better cast members, or at least the best one that Iíve read so far.

Another character, please.
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