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head shot (drank)
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Caitlin Evans has a really long profile which seems irrelevant since i know she explodes in her first thread but i'm gonna read it anyway. her profile isn't actually bad at all, she's basically a smart hippie kid who's a social outcast due to her low economic status and her lack of interest in Conformity. it's kind of heavy handed but it works fine.

now let's watch her explode

she only has one thread, in which she explodes. clarification: she gets one post, and then her second post is basically just her exploding. the one post is very long and kind of confusing but basically she finds a corpse and pokes it with a stick. she's apparently already desensitized to SotF despite this being her first post. then she- you know what i'm just going to post the whole thing i can't say anything to make this better

caitlin esplode

yeah. that happened!

final thoughts/tl;dr: this is not long enough to need a tl;dr. anyway the only part of Caitlyn that you need to read is the part i just posted. you're welcome. oh and she has one good line when she finds her weapon and goes “Non-fatal, unless of course I was a member of the LAPD...” which actually works really well for a political hippie chick. basically the character had some potential but nothing happens with it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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