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I was happy for a minute when I saw Matthew but then I remembered the good Matthew was already taken rip me anyway this kid. Matthew Lafferty's profile is short and needs proofreading and is tonally super off but honestly it's not bad. He sounds like an athletic, temperamental, spoiled, fairly normal kid. and he Doesn't get killed via Mitsuko Massacre so maybe he doesn't go inactive???? I just checked his killer and it's Andi Ayala who Polybius just read and apparently Matt was sacrificed to one of his handlers other characters which isn't actually much better than inactivity deaths imo. whatever let's do this

Matt's first thread (no pregame) starts with.. a double post sure okay. we learn that he's had suicidal impulses which doesn't come up in his profile anywhere you'd think that was important. Alice Nichols shows up, they both freak out for a second and then talk to each other and laugh and it's kind of cute. Then they both fuck off to different threads w/ zero resolution. I assume they were in a danger zone or in danger of inactivity or Something idk i'm kind of disappointed there was a possibility of something good here

second thread god fucking dammit this is the thread where the boxing champion of the world shoves a gun down chad's throat again isn't it. anyway I get to skip all of that because Matt only runs through the thread for one post. basically all he does is decide to go to the hotel because there are beds there, which would probably be my state of mind at this point too, so I won't complain. his last thread is 6 goddamn pages but for most of them Matt isn't there so I'm skipping through. anyway he turns up at the end of page 4/6, i thought he was going to the hotel this is the hospital? whatever it's fine. also his handler's other character refers to him as "amazingly handsome" in his thoughts. Matt wanders into the hospital and displays what are at this point really OOC-seeming fits of paranoia and rage to basically provoke Andi Ayala into shooting him. His death is described in 6 really short and mostly mechanical sentences, and then he dies.

final thoughts/tl;dr: nothing much here. Matt's not a bad character and his writing isn't bad either, but he just doesn't really do anything and turns into fodder for one of his handler's other characters. I feel like if he'd actually stuck around w/ Alice Nichols there might have been something to recommend but he doesn't and there isn't. (wait alice dies in her next thread anyway so there probably wasn't much there either)

gimme another please!
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