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Seth Mattlock is a unique figure in SOTF who requires some explanation.

v2 took place at a transitional point in SOTF's history. The site moved to a new board, and many old handlers and staff members left at various points during the version. As a result, the remaining staff was stretched very thin when it came to making and enforcing the rules, up to and including inactivity guidelines. When it comes to these turbulent times, Seth Mattlock might as well be the poster child.

Seth went inactive shortly after his first scene, which was fairly early in the game. He was never inactive-killed and no one ever did anything with his death rights, even though he was rolled multiple times. As a result, Seth was simply a ghost for most of the game until his handler returned, realized that he was still alive somehow, and killed him off in his second scene, which took place near the end of the game. To my knowledge, the board hasn't experienced a situation quite like this before or since, so Seth has his own place in history in that way.

In terms of his actual character, Seth has a very over-the-top backstory involving his dad being a former cop who joined the mob, and now he hangs out with mobsters all the time and deals drugs for them. He also claims that the Bloody Fists are not a criminal gang, which clashes with Mariavel's backstory in which she kills someone while doing work for the game. All in all, he reads like another one of v2's premade players.

Then Seth reaches the island, and winds up being surprisingly heroic. True, he only has two scenes, so it's hard to say what would have happened had he been active the whole time, but his story details him saving Mariavel from Walter Smith before disappearing into the night, then unexpectedly reemerging at a crucial moment days later to save Bryan and Tori from Felix Travertil. He winds up coming off as a bit of a deus ex machina character because of this, but his scenes are well-written and his fights are pretty good, so I'm willing to forgive that. His death is also quite heartfelt, and I feel like Slayer really wanted to do right by Seth. And honestly, I think he succeeded.

Seth Mattlock may not have been around very much, but he saw more than his fair share of action. And since he's part of one of my favorite v2 scenes as well as one of the most vital parts of Bryan's story, he's definitely worth checking out. My only real gripe is that his paragraphs can get way too long for my taste, but at least the contents of said paragraphs are usually good. If you want an action-oriented character, you probably won't find many more suited to the job than Seth Mattlock.

Another character, if you please.
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