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You like what you see?
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Andi Ayala

Andi Ayala is a nice friendly gay boy who enjoys jogging and knives. He takes care of his disabled father, Daniel, along with his best friend Siouxsie Sioux (???) and he has a boyfriend named Peter Rosenthal who he started dating in a pregame thread that doesn't exist anymore because of course it doesn't. He's a self-insert of his handler, Xaldien.

In the first half of his story, Andi's story is defined by the fact that Xaldien seems to want to play more with himself than with the other people. Andi's post constantly flash to Daniel and Siouxsie (the fuck?) to show how they're handling Andi's kidnapping. It's like a meanwhile thread is constantly running right in the middle of Andi's posts. He also starts talking to his friend Siouxsie (that's her name?) in hallucinations. He spends some time with a group of guys, but his posts just consist of flashes to home and him talking to his hallucinations while he mostly ignores the people he's supposed to be roleplaying with. As if that wasn't bad enough, Xaldien's other characters also come into the picture. In the meanwhile scenes, Andi's long lost mother shows up to reveal that Andi's evil half sister, Kristey, who he doesn't know about is also on the island and is trying to kill him. What follows is a clusterfuck where Kristey and another Xaldien character, Matthew, show up along with Andi's boyfriend Peter (Xaldien is controlling three characters in this scene while Croco is controlling two). Matthew is sacrificed so that Andi can score a kill, and then Kristey decides not to kill her brother so she fucks off to somewhere else.

After this, Andi and Peter are together, and the story shifts dramatically. All of the hallucinations and flashes to home are just gone. Andi becomes a sadistic/masochistic psychopath and he and Peter decide to kill everyone on the island until it's only the two of them, for survival and pleasure. They kill a guy, and shortly afterwards Andi is suddenly adopted by RePeate. The most noticeable change under repeat is that Andi seems to have forgotten about his goal to get back to his father entirely, and now he decides that he can't go on living if Peter were to die. They have sex and then Peter kills them both to spare them the pain of inevitably losing each other. After Andi's death, Xaldien suddenly comes into the thread to write an epilogue for Andi's parents and Siouxsie (fucking hell). Then R. Kelly shows up and takes their shit.

I did not like Andi Ayala. Xaldien's writing is competent, aside from some weird formatting early on, but he tried very hard to write an emotional love story and I just didn't care. Early on, Andi spends too much time up his own ass with his supporting characters, and his later personality shift is jarring and makes it hard to feel anything for him. He's pretty obviously set up as a villain from the start, but when it happens he just becomes so over the top evil. The secret sister plotline is stupid, but the fact that it's just dropped suddenly without a proper conclusion makes it even worse. His conclusion was underwhelming. RePeate and Croco didn't seem to care at all about Andi's storyline, they just wanted to write a gay sex scene with a tragic end.

Andi isn't terrible, he's just mediocre and boring. Don't waste your time on Andi when you could be reading something good or something amazingly terrible that makes you go insane.
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