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yknow sometimes I want to be optimistic but Seth Malvice's advantage section is "Seth is unfeeling, unremorseful and uncaring, and so the lives of the others on the island with him mean very little to him." which is one step above "she's killed before" and, relatedly, he's killed by Mariavariavemel, which is basically never good

anyway so this guy. i already don't like him. his description is okay (it's super weird tone-wise but at least it boils down to Seth Is Ordinary Looking which okay fine). his bio starts off okay, and then suddenly turns into "toward the end of middle school he suddenly stopped caring about everything and he still doesn't care about anything and he's probably down w/ murder". i just scrolled down to the bottom of his profile and i'm astonished that he doesn't have any kills because that's obviously what the profile is setting up?? either that or he's so apathetic he just lets someone kill him early except no he's in six goddamn threads what the fuck

he has one pregame thread in which he doesn't care about anything and his first post has the line "Of course, Seth could do anything he wanted, his talent for everything he attempted was remarkable." so that's good, he's an apathetic wunderkind, i'm sure he's super interesting. basically the thread is him being bullied, except he doesn't care, so there are no stakes and i don't care either

island. the extent of Seth's thoughts on being in SotF are basically "might as well just sit here I guess". he hears a girl yelling in panic and immediately decides to throw a dart at her face, which she dodges before running away from him, which seems like the right move if his first thought is throwing darts at people?? another girl turns up, they talk, she tries to empathize, Seth cannot Do Empathy because he Doesn't Care, she rightfully gets annoyed and leaves, Seth's handler (Jotun) inexplicably brings in another one of his characters for one post so him and Seth can attack each other and leave. this is SO BORING. characters with no motivations and who don't care about anything are boring!!! i am bored!!! please do something interesting that isn't murderfucking or rape or whatever other godforsaken things are happening in v2 you know what i take it back this isn't so bad at least sam sorenson isn't here

next thread. Seth screams for the sake of it. he hears people coming and makes more noises to scare them off and Prepares To Fight (meowth that's right). this time he doesn't decide to immediately throw a dart at the guy and they have a conversation that basically goes "are you okay" "yes" "okay because i heard screaming and i was worried" "i'm fine" "... okay i'm gonna go now" "okay" and then they both leave. riveting stuff here people

seth just passes through his next thread with one post (which is otherwise a oneshot so i have no idea why Jotun had him come here at all) to investigate a chemical plant fucking exploding (whoever's reading garry dodd please explain to me what happened here) and deciding to go after the kid who blew it up because he's a Danger to seth's very well-thought-out plan to sit and do nothing for the rest of the game. he actually does follow him to their next thread where garry dodd is angsting over adam dodd some more and seth appears out of nowhere to make some pointless remarks at him. then the area they're in becomes a danger zone and they leave. thank god and also jesus that this is Almost Over

final thread: seth becomes another victim of the mitsuko massacre of 2006-2007 and as written by her he suddenly feels fear and is "psyching himself up" for murder. i still don't care, walter smith attacks him, then mariavel kills him basically by accident while trying to kill walter. i still don't care.

final thoughts/tl;dr: i've read Way Worse but my level of apathy here may actually exceed seth's like there isn't even a fraction of a second where i feel anything for seth whatsoever. most of the "not great but not horrible" kids i've read so far at least have moments of humanity? but seth's character is built from the start to be Unfeeling Prodigy Boy. which sucks. he's not brandon cuthbert or anything but still don't read him

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