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Melanie DeSilva did not impress me very much.

Her bio tells us that she is a highly intelligent student who hates studying, other students, and pretty much everything about school in general. It's stated that her only real joy in life was going shooting with her grandfather, who died when she was 14. It also says that she's willing to do whatever it takes in order to win, so one would expect her to be a fairly ruthless aspiring player.

However, on the island, Melanie spends almost all of her time panicking, and never shows the determination to survive the ordeal despite her profile claiming that she would "sure as hell adapt to it". There's also some pretty odd writing moments, like when she goes from freaking out about Preston's existence to calling him her first friend over the course of one paragraph and the space between posts. In the end, she winds up begging for Debrah Dollop to kill her, which she does.

I wouldn't recommend Melanie. She wasn't an interesting read, and her actions on the island clash greatly with the way her profile described her.

Another character, if you please.
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