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So... Mihiro Duli.

Mihiro's profile is ridiculous, proclaiming that she pretends to have multiple personalities to she can get away with being mean to people, is hated by the teachers because she's a math prodigy who has memorized the first 700 digits of Pi, and is hated by literally everybody to the point that she can't walk down the hall without someone insulting her. None of this is written or formatted particularly well for the record.

The in-game story of Mihiro is a short one. In her first post, she finds a hatchet and talks in D&D slang before rolling a pair of dice and celebrating the results. Then staff comes in and tells her that she can't spontaneously gain weapons whenever she wants, Mihiro's handler briefly argues with them, then she goes inactive. Some time after that, she resurfaces to teach Roland (Who thinks that she is the spirit of Damien Carter-Madison's good side for some reason) about Dungeons and Dragons before the announcements cause him to get violent and messily kill her.

I wouldn't recommend Mihiro at all. She's nothing more than Roland fodder, and didn't inspire much hope in the first place.

Another character, plase.
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