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Okay I'm gonna write like a human person because Lee-Ann doesn't seem awful from the outset and because she has 8 whole threads so she might be a real character or something. The tone of her appearance is suuuuper flowery and the rest of the bio is kinda off tone-wise but honestly considering what I've been reading recently it's a goddamn masterpiece. Lee-Ann sounds like a regular kid. She's very emotional and tends to eat her feelings, resulting in her being overweight, she's clumsy and intelligent and doesn't have many friends because she's thought of as a nerd. That sounds like a human person. I am pleased.

Lee-Ann is in four pregame threads so I'm not going to go super in depth with all of them because my posts are long enough as is. Her very first post is in part dedicated toward quiet jealousy toward Marimar Perez (let us not talk about her) which is a little :| but generally the writing is okay. It gets a little confusing because her handler (Aphrodite) also seems to be half-handling Lee-Ann's friend Laura, I guess when Shula isn't around to post?? Idk it gets confusing. Anyway Lee-Ann kind of has a nervous breakdown in the bathroom over Marimar having possibly seen Lee-Ann's blind eye and then suddenly she's kissing some boy named Jan which is REALLY confusing. Like her writing is fine but I have no idea what's going on here. In her next pregame topic she goes over to Marimar's house and almost dies.

'This is so embarrassing.' the girl thought before pressing the small white button designated for the loud ringing it would produce, alerting the occupants of the home of an outside visitor. In normal language, and not the language of Lee-Ann and her intellectual friends, it was a simple doorbell.

just say doorbell what the hell

Anyway she almost gets hit by a car, wanders for ages looking for Marimar's house, finds a lost kitten, and spits on her friends after said friend pours boiling water on herself (saliva is healing on burns apparently? The More You Know). Her last pregame thread is basically just her getting made fun of for her weight and then sitting with Marimar. This might just be a personal taste thing but I find a lot of Lee-Ann's posts to be really melodramatic by pregame standards? Again, maybe it's just me. She's definitely competently written, albeit with some issues that seem kinda endemic to the early versions (people being referred to as "the blonde" "the brunette" "the femme" or eyes being called Orbs all that shit that I hate).

Lee-Ann's first post starts with two paragraphs of red text that are about the game in general and I don't know why they're there. Apparently she snuck the kitten she found in pre-game in her bag. I am going to be busy feeling bad for the kitty for the rest of this writeup. Anyway this is a very long oneshot and it does a good job of making me like Lee-Ann. She reacts to the situation like a human and not a sex robot or murder gremlin. She cries, she prays, she throws up. Relatable human things. She changes clothes (after getting puke on them, because of that and also because they aren't very practical) and leaves her old clothes behind and takes a minute to realize that the memories she has attached to those clothes will be lost forever. That's weirdly powerful to me.

Also she still has a kitten (his name is George and I love him), which at this point makes her the most important character in v2.

Now we're in thread 2 and I was looking forward to how this would go but now Sam Sorenson is here and I'm having regrets. Anyway she feeds George (awh) and thinks about finding Marimar (you do not want to find marimar sweetheart trust me) and READS A BOOK, which for some reason just feels super relatable. Like if I was on murder child island I'd be like "yeah well if I'm gonna die I wanna finish this book first give me like an hour."

I don't particularly want to talk about what happens next because I don't want to acknowledge Sam any more than I half to but honestly I'd give Lee-Ann full leeway to straight murder his ass right here. If anything it'd make her More likable. Unfortunately she's like a nice person or something and she believes Sam's obvious lies and gives him clothes and I don't want to be reading Sam Sorenson, guys. I don't want to. STOP BEING NICE TO HIM LEE-ANN I WANT TO LIKE YOU

Lee-Ann's third thread starts with a really long song post which is basically just reminiscing and walking. It's all very sweet and well-written despite being a song post but I'm so distracted by Sam Sorenson still existing. Also Lee-Ann's handler takes over Sam for a post and he's still awful but like awful in a better written way. And then Lee-Ann goes inactive I assume because she next pops up in a oneshot thread where her death is handled by Mitsuko. Joy. At least she isn't thrown to Mariavel or something; Sam tries to choke her and she pops her own collar instead. The end.

final thoughts/tl;dr: WE NEVER FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KITTEN. :( also Lee-Ann is a well-written and pretty believable character, not great by modern standards but definitely by v2 standards, but I still can't recommend her because she spends practically her entire game in the company of one of the worst, if not The worst, pieces of shit that v2 has to offer. Maybe read her opening oneshot, it's really good, but after that it's just a lot of ew. I'm not surprised, just disappointed.

give me another pls
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