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head shot (drank)
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Aug 25 2017, 08:44 PM
Brandon Cuthbert appears literally out of nowhere and is awful (i do not envy whoever has to read this kid)
hahahahahaha!!! hahaha!!!!!! ha. ha. :(

Brandon Cuthbert is 12 years old, has an IQ of 206, and the entire biography section of his profile is written in the first person. Also he apparently kills and dissects animals for funsies "research". literally everything about his profile is wrong and i could write paragraphs about it but i don't want to go braindead the short version is he's a murder child who hasnt actually killed anyone yet but you can Tell. you can just Tell. you can just

his first thread starts with a songpost and i hate everything. it's like 7 years long but it's not brandon's post so i am Not Reading It. actually brandon doesn't show up until the middle of the second page and his first post is also 7 years long but i have to read it this wrong motherFucker okay it starts with a really long dissertation on the milgrim experiment and him- i think he's writing a book or something. sure why not. he's writing about the milgrim experiment and how SOTF is like that except bad. then he writes paragraphs on the suitability of the other people in the topic as allies. and then he goes to talk to them and he bounces immediately from "detached observer" to "scared child" which makes more sense but like it's bad. it's bad. in his next post theres another three paragraphs about group dynamics that - apparently he's thinking and not writing?? in the last one he thought/wrote something about his Account being Published but in this one it says he's mumbling to himself. anyway he basically tells the group that they're useless to him even though he's a 12 Year Old Boy Without A Weapon and fucks off.

thread 2 is a oneshot where slacker throws two of his other kids in a gremlin meat grinder in what is the most confusing post ive ever read in my life. apparently the whole post is written as one of Brandon's diary entires (or whatever he calls them), including an interview, and then he writes down a play-by-play of how he kills Jonathan Michaels with his CONVENIENTLY HIDDEN BOX CUTTER and then dodges when another kid turns up and shoots at him (What) and then he hits the new guy over the head with his xbox controller (truly an ideal weapon) and then literally fucking dissects him w/ the box cutter and????????????????????????? then he drops his box cutter and takes the shotgun he was shot at with (which i think was jonathan michaels' first? how did chris cohen get it before brandon does????? i understand nothing) and LEAVES

thread 3 i could go into More but it's just all the same shit and i've already read the thread he goes inactive and he kills adam amato sera kills him the end.

final thoughts there's no joy left in my heart

give me another
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