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i'm not upset
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I'll give out kids after this write up.

So I got Sarah Dao and in the course of reading her I read Chad Munteanu who only exists for half a post and is the first v2 kill and has no pre game so I thought I'd do him to spare someone else the time.


Walks up to Jonathan Michaels who is a BOXING WORLD CHAMPION. He is a small guy and so he wants to stay with Jonathan and tries to convince him to find Whitney Acosta because she has huge boobs. Jonathan says he doesn't care how big this girl's boobs are so Chad assumes Jonathan is gay and calls him gay and Jonathan doesn't like that so he fires a warning shot with his gun and Chad pisses himself but still acts kind of smug while his pants are filling with pee. Then he tries to be friends some more but Jonathan doesn't like how smug piss-pants is and shoves his gun down Chad's throat mid-sentence. Chad vomits all over the gun and disgusted, Jonathan pulls the trigger and Chad's head explodes.

I can't recommend this, it's really unpleasant and adds nothing to the story. It feels like this character was given no thought and comes across as a failed attempt to shock.

Sarah Dao

One pre game thread of her studying, not much happens. She wakes up and watches An fight Jonathan which was a good fight and it was satisfying to see her punch him in the head with brass knuckles. After that, Sarah comes over and finds out she has a giant gun. Two boys approach, Alex Bee and Lance. Also Brandon shows up for 30 seconds to be annoying and say that they're useless to him and leaves. The girls tell Alex and Lance to hand over their bags, Alex runs away. Lance says he just wants to find his girlfriend and Sarah who has been holding him at gunpoint goes "Aww, I'm a romantic. Ok, we'll let you go" and stops pointing her gun at him. Unfortunately Marimar jumps out of the bushes and believing Lance to be an evil eel (this feels like I am telling a story while on drugs) she stabs him with a machete. LITERALLY NO ONE DOES ANYTHING. The next post after Marimar leaves is Dodd going "Sarah and An left" and no one ever says anything about what happened.

Dan takes over from here and Sarah is suddenly a new character who is a horny temptress who tries to seduce Matt even though she's never shown even the slightest interest in either sex or romance. Rob sees them, punches Matt for his stupidity, Sarah tries to shoot him, Rob kills her.

Sarah was never going to make the recommends list, but this is probably the biggest change I've ever seen in a character post-adoption. Sarah was a studious, quiet, shy, girl who liked art and planned to go to college for business who suddenly tried to jump Matt's bones and even implied a threesome if he could help her find An.
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