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Tori Johnson is one of v2's long runners, with 4 pregame threads and a whopping 12 island threads. She was also closely allied with Bryan Calvert, the winner of v2 and a very good character in his own right. So naturally, Tori would be very good too, right?

Well... not exactly.

Mechanically, Tori starts off on very shaky ground. There are a lot of typos and poorly structured sentences in her early threads, which amount to almost all of pregame and a bit of her early island run. Her writing does admittedly get quite a bit better later on, especially after she meets up with Bryan on the island. However, it still makes her early run not so easy on the eyes.

Tori herself, for the most part, is inoffensive. In pregame she's the naive newcomer to Bathurst High, and on the island she's nervous and afraid until she meets Bryan, at which point she essentially becomes his protectorate. Now, I think that by far the best parts of Tori's story come when she is with Bryan, since the two of them have surprisingly good chemistry together, and that makes for some pretty good scenes. However this pairing is as much of a curse as it is a blessing, because while Tori does improve, I keep getting drawn to the much more interesting Bryan.

Another gripe I have is that sometimes Tori will suddenly have an outburst and start yelling, only to go back to her normal personality in the next post. I feel like these moments aren't as built-up as they could have been, so they tend to come off as really disjointed.

Finally, her death scene, while undoubtedly emotional, comes off as rather dumb in terms of the situation. Mariavel shows up, and even though she knows about Mariavel's huge killcount, Tori tells Bryan not to fight her. Bryan not only agrees, but he leaves Tori alone with Mariavel while he goes to stake out the rest of the hospital. Tori inevitably gets shot and dies, Bryan cries, and Mari gets away until their final showdown in Endgame.

Tori Johnson is not a bad character at all, despite not having the best of stats. However, she's not really stellar either. She's worth a look because her time with Bryan is really good, and she's in at least one really fantastic scene, but don't expect her to knock your socks off.

Another character, if you please.
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