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Satoru Kamui. Not much to say here. He's Japanese and his parents are stereotypically ruthless perfectionists. Oh, he also was in a mental hospital for a year for no particular reason, but that's never expanded upon so we'll forget about it.

I check into pregame. His first thread has seven pages. NOPE. OK, I skim through. Satoru 1) is shy 2) looks like a girl because of his long hair. A girl named Ebody at school takes a shine to him and soon they're making out and declaring each other totes boyfriend and girlfriend. They meet another guy named Tybalt who angsts and Satoru blurts out he's bisexual. I don't think any of these people appeared on island and this is why pregame is dumb. Enough of that.

On-island, there's a nothing opening thread. Satoru walks off and walks into a day one sex scene between Venus Gwendolyn and Zed. Venus is apparently sexing Zed as part of a devious scheme to steal an American flag from him. Aaaaaa. Zed is thinking about video games. Satoru plots on whether to attack them or not and oh god I'm trying to avoid most of this sex scene but aaaaaaaaaa.

"Venus’ pearly white teeth sunk into the expired sausage and she bit hard."


While she's chomping on down, Satoru decides to rush them with his cat claws. I agree. He maybe stabs Zed in the arm and Venus runs away and Nich Finlayson shows up angrily. Satoru runs away but his hair gets caught in a tree branch and he thrashes around in a most pathetic fashion. Nich gives him an ax whack in the arm and they have a pretty perfunctory fight where they inflict a couple surface injuries before Satoru runs off and goes in active.

He surfaces some time on in a group inactivekill. And a half-decent one by early standards, by that! Good work, Megami. Satoru hides for a few days and meets up with Alexander Bee, whoever that is. Gigi Sinclaire stomps up and assumes Satoru is Alex's girlfriend. Heehee. Hey, it shows they actually read at least a bit on who the characters were, which is better than a lot of inactivekills get. ANYWAY, the three of them decide to wait out the rain on an abandoned boat and Danya explodes them for reasons.

So yeah, not much. His pregame was pointless and he had an islandthread where all he dead was interrupt a blowjob of death and get his hair tangled in a branch. He got a much better inactivedeath than most kids are getting this version though, so good on him for that.

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