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Ruggahissy-Today at 4:15 PM


i dont wanna finish my meat…..

anbel part 2:

i don no were gigi went. do u no were gigi went? anbel left thred. the end. nxet thred!

this thred is cald “i like shoping!”. i leik shoping 2. : )

brob madams and matdrew r heer! brob nd mat a prty fnuny 2! : ) dawn of teh ded suxx!

oh boi! hre cums anbel! she is at mal and their is abecombi an ftich and hrot tropic. y those r on murderisland is a biiiiiiiig mystery. anbel is confuse. me 2, anbel, me 2. anbel is like “helo is n e 1 here?” and brob an mat r like “helo”. mat says “eh?” so that means he is cnadien. also the cnadien is creeping on anbel an i feel uncomfy : ((((

sme boring stuf hapens and then farnco sebort is here nd he has a genad lonchur! rus goofball is here 2! wahoo! oh boy so is satcy hoorson! she is my face < 3 xoxoxoxox!

farnco and rus and satcy hijak the thred an then satcy gets sqished by a beem or smthn bcuz farnco made a splosion with his genad lonchur. brob and cnadien mat and anbel leaf thred.

: O in this next thred there is bryant carver and j. r. rizzolo and victoria! oh wow! bryant carver hedbuts j. r. rizzolo and the riz dies. :’ (

oh now anbel n frends r here! they hang out with bryant carver nd evry1 is hapy! I’m not happy.

haha lolz n e ways anbel never actuly show up in thred nd mistuko3 makes her head splode. the end!

Conclusion: fuk u

now i want some pudding.

Edit: Yeahhhhhhhh just ignore all of that. After she leaves the Gigi thread, she heads to the mall, where she befriends Rob Adams and Matt Drew. They talk for a bit and then Franco/Russ/Stacy show up and Stacy gets smushed. Rob/Matt/Annabelle leave. Now, Annabelle doesn't show up until the very last post of the next thread, and she is promptly collarsploded. Also her pregame's fine.

wow look an actual conclusion: Annabelle's actually pretty decent, just skip her first thread.

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