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I can't really say that there was a lot to Jaime as a character. Her role in the one thread she had was essentially “appear, talk to Mariavel, attack her and then get killed by her” and even within this there’s not a lot dedicated to her - the majority of the thread takes Mariavel’s perspective and the majority of what we do get dedicated to Jaime is this blank prose which - although it does give us viewpoints into Jaime’s thoughts - doesn’t really give us any ideas on how she is emotionally until the very end (which is essentially generic ‘oh no, I’ll never achieve this now that I’m dead) and doesn’t really provide any interest for the reader to grab onto. It’s pretty clear that Jaime only existed so that her death could prop up Anna’s and Mariavel’s stories, and although that might make Mariavel or Anna better, it doesn’t really make Jaime by herself an engrossing read, and personally it doesn’t make me care about her all that much.

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