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Okay so this kid has two entire threads and the second one has a content warning and involves Walter Smith and Mariavel Variavel. I am very afraid. And holy shit his profile is bad. Lemme just quote it:

"He rarely smiles. When he does, he never does with his mouth open. Due to his background, his teeth are ridicolously yellow, his breath horrible (often due to his occasional consumption of alcohol), and his teeth crooked. Don't ask about the rest of his personal hygiene." (he's 14 btw)

"He can be nice or mean depending on his demanor. His is also known for his scathing and offensive jokes, which he often makes on everyone, including his friends, though he tries to make it clear that he's joking with his friends, though some find it nearly abusive. He despises most teenagers, beleiving himself to be above them."

"He was very precocious as a young man, reading All Quiet on the Western Front at age four, Voltaire at age five, the Communist Manifesto at age six, Mein Kampf at age seven, and etc. Mostly because he loves big words."

"Ironically, his family is currenltly successful. His father is in charge of the "family" business, a very prosperous corporation. His older brother is poised to inherit the business, leaving Li-Jen completely out of it. That business of course, is a very large porn company based in China. (That also translates foreign porn [including Japanese Hentai], and distributes it in China, as well as manufacturing it's own.]"

i could just quote the whole profile but honestly i've been punished enough having to read this once. anyway no pregame and i don't care enough to be remotely grammatical right now

thread 1 starts w/ mariavel and she's being herself. his first post is six very short sentences and one spoken line none of which tells me anything whatsoever about him. mariavel is herself @ him and he says "lovely day isn't it" sarcastically and shes like yeah a lovely day for MURDER haha lets be friends and hes like sure! then he goes inactive. which is a blessing because it means i dont have to read more mariavel. second/last thread he's taken over by TBH who has him try to kill walter for no reason whatsoever and then walter stabs him a lot and i don't care

final thoughts: why did i read this

also final thoughts: give me another
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