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Just finished John Matthews. His profile isn't too out there. He has some family tragedy in that his father dies and his mother shacks up with someone abusive. She gets a divorce, but send him to live with his cop aunt whom he loves. Moving on.

Pregame he doesn't do much.

Island he doesn't do much. He quickly meets Ricky, Jackie and Gail and the others are very strong, much stronger than him. Some OOC notes indicate that he's not reading the posts of his thread partners and he has to go back and change his post to be more in line with what is happening. He really fails to connect with the others when they are talking about their lives and comes off as distant and kind of self-absorbed. Special mention that Gail says she has hemophilia and it doesn't appear that anyone with her knows what that means and doesn't ask. Seriously, they should be much more concerned about this information and yet no one is.

Soon Jackie (MVP) meets Kayla, his friend. Super cute. They come upon Felix who infuriatingly finds fresh bacon and waffles in a house to make breakfast. I hate this.

It seems like in pre-game Felix and Kayla dated, Kayla told people he raped her, he says that's a lie, we'll never know the truth [SPOILER FROM THE FUTURE, IT'S A FALSE RAPE ACCUSATION] But when they meet they're ready to throw down when Kayla throws a boomerang at him, misses, and he throws it back, hitting her in the arm.

Jackie is killed in the scuffle with Felix, John tries to revenge-kill him and dies too. Useless til the end.

I'm not going to recommend John. He's a real non-presence for almost his whole game run except for a pretty good death with a passable fight scene. Other than that you'd be better off just reading Jackie who is better and is with John the whole time anyway.

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