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Steven Smith was a little disappointing. His profile was alright, and his first thread started out really good. The two characters didn’t feel like caricatures for the most part, and their interaction was fairly natural. That is, until Steven decides to bring up religion. His attempt to convert Nessy is rather awkward and unnatural, but in character, he seems to be aware of that, so it's alright. Nessy responds extremely negatively to this, and their interaction escalates fairly quickly into violence, revealing Steven to be yet another one of the bigoted Bible-thumping stereotypes that seem to be so common in this version. I will give some points for the Pulp Fiction reference in his final post of the thread, though.

His second thread was a little better, though by that point he’s just turned into a generic villain, with most of the religion angle pushed to the side. It’s good to see that, despite his thoughts and actions in the previous thread, when reflecting upon the murder committed earlier, he doesn’t actually believe his actions to have been justified. It humanizes his character somewhat, which is welcome, though these regrets don’t actually lead him to change his course of action.

Steven’s last thread is pretty much all action, with his internal thoughts barely showing outside of his death post. Almost immediately after entering the thread, he gets into a fight with Matt Drew which ends pretty quickly. In his final post, which is unfortunately a songpost, Steven’s regrets fade away as he asks God for forgiveness for the murder he committed. He dies confident that he is going to heaven, secure in the knowledge that he is God’s “faithful servant”.

What is it with V2 and ignorant religious/ethnic stereotypes?

I’ll take another character.
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