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Gregory Moyer has only three threads. The first thread is just an intro oneshot, the second thread is just him sneaking in while a group is on their way out and then leaving in the next post, and the third thread is his death scene. So yeah, he's fodder. He is delightful, though.

He's a completely ridiculous character. He's a Macguyver-like genius inventor who's a fan of SOTF while also thinking that it's a secret Nazi conspiracy. His goal is to use his genius to determine the island's location, and hopefully use that knowledge to help rescue everyone and defeat the Nazis. He mostly comes off as fun insane rather than eye-rolling insane. On top of that, his handler does a good job at keeping him relatively grounded compared to most of the loonies from early SOTF. He's constantly thinking back to his family, and while it's simple it does a good job at humanizing him.

His death in particular is very engaging and tragic. Both handlers do a good job at writing the scene. The circumstances that lead to his death are kind of absurd, but completely in-character.

I recommend him for a quick read.
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