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I wouldn't really say Walter is a good character, in all honesty. Despite the profile being sorta funny in how much it tries to set up Walter as like, this edgy evil figure, this doesn’t really apply in the game itself and in all honesty he’s just sorta boring for the most part. He’s psychotic, but not in a way that’s really interesting, as instead of letting this show through his thought processes or emotional core we’re just constantly told by the narrative that he’s psychotic over and over again, and his actions (going into great detail on how he cuts a dudes dick off, raping Mariavel) are pretty clearly aiming for shock value and setting him up to be like, the big villain of V2 - but robbing him of a proper emotional core that a villain really needs to be seen as interesting and more than a one note psycho who does things just because they’re seen as bad things to do by the writer.

Walter also suffers mechanically as well, and on a pure writing levels there’s a couple things he does that just irk me as a reader. During fight scenes with other handlers - such as with Blake and Mariavel - there’s this thing Walter does where he goes into hypotheticals on what happens depending on which actions succeed or not, which reeks of GMing and as a reader takes me right out of what’s happening in front of me. In addition, his narrative is loaded with contradictions, stating one thing and then shortly after saying something that contradicts this (an example being “Most could not tell from a simple glance, but the boy was a total psychopath. Almost everyone knew of that fact, and his random outbursts of violence,” stating a fact and then contradicting it the very next sentence), which as a reader confuses me and makes it harder to understand what the narrative is trying to say, which given the issues with the narriative already doesn’t make it any more interesting or pleasent to read.

I will say that Slayer/TBH has written good characters before, but to be honest Walter is far from one of them, and to be honest isn’t someone I’d really recommend at all.

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