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head shot (drank)
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okay i SAID i wouldn't do another tonight but this is an easy one

So according to his profile Anthony Ainsworth loves Jesus and is also the biggest bigot ever and is also an Aryan wet dream. Lovely. No pregame, so to the first thread, where he immediately decides his being here is a mistake and that he's going to find Danya and tell him that he's made a mistake and then it'll be fine. Also he ends his first post with "forgive me, Father, for I will sin" which is the second funniest thing I've read so far. He runs into Stacy Holorson and calls her a slut and a whore in his internal monologue three times in the same post and basically thinks about how worthless she is and how great he is and it's all really a lot. Like he's an obvious villain drawn up from the beginning for people to hate him and he kind of fails at that by being way too obvious about it. There isn't a single thought in his head that isn't Obviously Evil. Also after being polite to her for the first few posts he suddenly calls Stacy a filthy heathen whore with hands of death. Sure why not.

Second/last thread. Now Anthony decides he's been put on SotF to show the home audience the Power of Jesus. There's an announcement and he starts praying for the dead despite in the last thread having clearly shown contempt for literally everyone else on the island. He runs into someone else and is being super nice to him and it's weird? I guess we're suppose to think that since Anthony had a Jesus Epiphany he's a nice guy now, or maybe only women are filthy heathen whores, idk. Also the words "caucasionally challenged" happen which take the 2nd place spot back for funniest thing I've read in v2. Anyway some other guy is here now and Anthony thinks he's Satan and does an exorcism or something? And then one of Mitsuko's girls comes in and unceremoniously smashes his head in.

final thoughts/tl;dr: literally nothing here worth reading. except the words "caucasionally challenged", which you just read, so I saved you some time.

throw me another corpse tomorrow/whenever you have time I have nothing better to do apparently
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