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Sooo... thoughts on Matty Drew. He's good. Very much decent all the way through, because he's got a consistency to him in that he's in a stable enough storyline. For the most part.

So Matt's bio is fine for earlier standards. He's a stoner and likes sex. Yes, he also gets arrested every week but eh. Stick with the basics. So Matt, handled by baby_g, immediately wakes up and starts his (I presume) pre-planned island buddy comedy with Rob Adams, handled by the venerable Dan. So Matt is all like "let's have drugs and sex" and Rob is all like "whoa I am the slightly straighter arrow in the duo" and then Matt would be like "lol straight" and you get the idea. So the two of them go off.

And then Matt meets a recurring theme, in a seductive harlot appears to tempt him into sexytimes and he's all like "YES SEX" and Rob is all like "NO YOU MORON." I prepared for the worst.... and then Matt suddenly realizes as the girl is damn near mounting him that maybe some girl on death island blatantly trying to seduce him is a trap AND SO HE STOPS. I was.... fucking amazed, people. Intelligently making the right decision? Out of nowhere like that. Well, well done.

Matt and Rob go on and continue with their awkward buddy comedy banter, and it's kind of like watching two college-aged writers who are still learning write about what people found funny 10 years ago... which is exactly what it was. Which means lots of dialogue along the lines of "Hey Matt, keep your dick in your pants while I look around, haha!" "Yeah, I bet you want my dick BECAUSE YOU'RE GAY Rob, haha!" "Haha I love you bro!" You get the idea. It's not bad at all. Just a bit thin.

So they meet up with another girl named Anna who is a breath of Christian normalcy fresh air in all this stuff and she's too pure for Matt to possibly corrupt and I was looking forward to what happened next. Calvert comes in for a quick cameo to kill a guy while Rob watches and Matt and Anna stay back and it's really well done. Unfortunately Anna had already gone inactive at this point and so when Matt and Rob move on she... suddenly goes crazy and lets her collar detonate. Disappointing. Rob and Matt go to the hospital and get stoned and Matt scores a kill on a guy for attacking him and then eats some bread and forgets about it. Deaths and kills were reeeeeeallly glossed over in V2, I be finding. Seductive harlot #2 and some other guy show up and Matt and Rob wisely don't trust them both and split away from them for the night. That was good. But Rob's desire for ladysex gets the best of him and he goes to visit the harlot but she gives him a case of the ol' blue balls, and then Rob gets pissed at Matt and hits him in the balls himself and they sneak off from the harlot in the morning. It's better than I'm making it sound, trust me.

So they go back to pay their respects to Anna and while Rob's doing that seductive harlot #3 shows up and starts making out with Matt before Rob punches him in the face and eventually gets in a fight with the girl and kills her. Matty boy, you're losing me a bit here. They head to the river and drag away a girl named Stephanie in a scene that reads kinda weird, especially since in the next thread the three of them are acting like they've been together for days now. Matt and Stephanie don't like each other, and then Stephanie goes nutso on another girl and kills her and Matt gives Rob the option of him or her. Rob chooses his best buddy Matt so Stephanie kills herself and Matt makes more jokes. Yeah, this has gotten more sexist a read than it probably should have at this point. They decide to look for one of Rob's hockey buddies who will know how to escape. Sure.

Next thread they come across Kevin, Sera and Jana, and Kevin knocks Rob out and challenges Matt to fight him. Matt has a gun and could just shoot him but accepts. That's dumb, Matt. Kevin sweetens the deal by offering Matt sex with Sera if he wins the fight. Sera is cool with that. Graaah. Kevin is about to win but Rob wakes up and shoots him. Ahahahaha. I did like that. Sera and Jana are surprisingly chill with all this and agree to team up... and Rob sees some other guy he knows in the distance and walks off and disappears, never to be seen with Matt again.

GODDAMNIT. Really. That was a tremendously disappointing way to end the awkward buddy comedy team of v2 like that. Like.... it was fine. It worked! And then Rob walks off. Uggggh. Really leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

So Matt continues on with Sera and Jana. He kills another girl after acting like a total jackass and Jana fights with him and Sera and leaves. That leaves Matt alone with Sera, who promptly shows herself to be seductive harlot #4. And Matt finally gets his sex! Then he falls asleep and she shoots him.

That wasn't bad at all. Matt works, for the most part, given all the obvious disclaimers about being v2. He was a bit all over the place with his motivation, going from the unflappable likeable stoner to the misogynistic jackass, but you could see a fully developed character there. Good work.

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