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god this is one of the victims of the mitsuko massacre of 2006-2007 isn't she. RIP you beautiful bastards

Okay so Zilya. Her profile feels more like a later-version profile in terms of length and depth of content, if not in tone. She's an exchange student who moved from Russia to England and attends school in Canada and then takes part in a program for Canadian students to go to school in the US which would bother me a lot more if this wasn't v2. Fight the real enemy. She's smart but kind of a loner and has issues with her temper. Duly noted. No pregame again.

First thread: Huy is here can I just read him instead no okay. Anyway Zilya shows up at the end of the thread for one very short post and then leaves again. That very short post isn't horrible and doesn't feature Zilya flying off the handle or anything but it doesn't exactly showcase her personality either. Her second thread again she turns up toward the end for only two posts, and honestly versus what I was expecting she isn't that bad? Her posts are short and don't show a huge amount of personality, but at least she's acting rationally despite clearly being irritable. She decides not to follow any of the people she ran into for fear it would make her look weak, which... isn't rational, but it's not totally unreasonable either?

Thread #3 is one I already read, since it's part of the Sera Wingfield Saga, and I literally don't remember Zilya being in it, probably because she pops in for one post and pops out in the next, again. Thread #4 she suddenly runs into a very fresh corpse and her crying killer, who she feels bad for and also she says a prayer? Which feels a bit out of place since being religious isn't really a Thing with her. Then the guy leaves and idk I'm trying to find good things to say here but most of Zilya's posts are purely functional so there's nothing to really say at all.

Last thread. What the fuck. I'm not gonna bother saying anything just like. What the fuck.

final thoughts/tl;dr: not nearly as bad as I was expecting but still pretty bad? Like for a couple of posts back up in the second thread I thought she was looking okay but her posts just got less personal and more utilitarian and she just never makes any friends or relates to anyone in any way and then gets basically atomized. So like not the worst thing ever but definitely nothing here to recommend.

I probably won't get around to it Tonight but gimme another anyway.
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