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I quite like Blake, but he suffers from several flaws that detract from his character.

The opening thread works through strong and realistic thought processes. He's bright, but also flawed, and he shows that very quickly when his idea of taping a bible to his chest to act as padding is quickly shown to simply be an annoyance rather than a great idea.

His thought processes are interesting, sometimes thinking about what the game means more than his personal affairs, we occasionally get a little bit too much of the intelligent atheist archetype seeping through in the early writing, but for the most part he makes it work.

It's helped that he interacts with a lot of quality writing in his threads, his kill of Gregory is brutal, his reaction to the utterly hilarious (probably not intentionally) Stacy is nuanced, and his interactions with himself with Franco are played well enough that it doesn't seem off putting.

There's some of that unalienable wierdness that suffuses v2, though some only seem odd due to being retconned away.

Blake hits some problems starting in the middle, with a few slow threads. There's an interesting scene featuring three of Nealosi's characters, but the setup is somewhat muddled, and would probably flow better with a few breaks.

The writing remains engaging, but writing with himself for extended periods of time feel very out of place, and the lack of strong interactions with characters that aren't Franco put a damper on what could be strong writing.

It's unfortunate that he went inactive at the end, but overall Blake is a decent character with a strong voice who was marred by certain narrative choices.

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