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Okay so Nessy. Her profile doesn't have Giant Red Flags of the "has killed before" variety but it does have lines like "Basically, if you were to look up 'Loner' in the dictionary, you'd see her picture. (trust me, it wouldn't be pretty either.)" which doesn't set me up with high expectations. No pregame, so straight into her first thread, which is a oneshot named... Nessy Guthrie. Okay. And it's not good either; the writing is really in need of proofreading and also Nessy has a voice in her head telling her that she's worthless and that it "can help" which: please don't. At least she has some personality, even if that personality is basically feeling sorry for herself.

Second thread: (skips past Paris Persphone's posts at Top Speed) Nessy doesn't have a voice in her head now thank god. She finds a house, which reminds her of home, which makes her think about her mother, in a way that's kind of manipulative-feeling and ineffective. WAIT I LIED THERE'S A VOICE IN HER HEAD AGAIN. The voice is telling her that she's fat. Thanks, voice. Paris kills someone, I don't read it because I don't care, Nessy hears but doesn't actually see anything and the voice in her head continues to tell her she sucks until the fighting stops and she sneaks out. Basically all I've gotten from her personality is that she hates herself and has a voice in her head that tells her so constantly.

Third/last thread: Now the voice in her head is in red type and I'm already dreading reading any of this. Also the voice is named Vanessa apparently, which is Nessy's real name, which means something probably. I don't know I really hate this cliche a Lot. I don't mind when it's just someone having an internal mono/dialogue but when the separate voice has a name and it's own personality whether or not it's Intended to be schizophrenia it just feels like a half-assed attempt at schizophrenia. ANYWAY wait shit not anyway """Vanessa""" is taking over Nessy. She's saying stuff in red now. I hate this so much. She yells about how religion is bullshit until a religious kid shoots her and apparently """Vanessa""" dies and Nessy feels "whole" and are you Kiriyama now or nevermind whatever she has dying thoughts about being set free and how she feels beautiful now and then she's dead.

final thoughts/tl;dr: Nessy's far from the worst thing in v2 but there's nothing here worth reading especially if you're like me and you can't stand the evil-voice-in-my-head cliche.

I know I'm tempting fate but: one more.
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