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Seven threads. (breathes deeply) Death comes to me. Anyway Gail Smith. Her profile doesn't throw up any red flags, she's a repressed sheltered girl with some health problems. Also I already know how she dies because she and Sera kill each other. She doesn't have any pregame either, so let's just get into it.

Thread #1 starts with Gail Smith and one of her handler's other characters, Jackie Kovacs, waking up in the same place at the same time and talking to each other. Why Do People Do This. It's so clunky. The writing isn't bad, especially by v2 standards, but it could use some proofreading. At least at this point her and Jackie are basically joined at the hip so I kind of have to review him along with her, and he's definitely the more talkative of the two at this point. He's the one making plans with the other characters showing up, Gail mostly just stays back and thinks. She definitely has a personality, though, and her thoughts and feelings come through pretty well in the writing. She's nervous, she reads people well, and she refuses to take a weapon because she knows she can't use it. Honestly, that's enough for me to like her. She feels like a decent person who doesn't want to imagine having to fight or kill anyone.

Next thread- The Gail/Jackie Wonder Team is still with Ricky Callahan and John Matthews. Gail's thoughts are a little repetitive on the "I won't play this game" angle but it's fine. Jackie comes to the conclusion that he'll do anything to protect the group, including fight, and Gail is kinda like "I'll do anything to help us too, except, uh, fight" and it's kind of adorable actually. Nothing else really happens here, it's just talking, but it adds to Gail's characterization a bit. Next topic is the one where Jackie dies apparently so so much for the Wonder Team I guess. Nealosi is doing a better job of separating Gail and Jackie here. Gail runs off a few posts before Jackie dies and comes back in time for him to say his last words and for her to cry about it, and it's actually done pretty okay, and I'm actually a little sad. I could do without phrasing like "wiping crystal tears from her pale cheeks" though.

I don't really have a lot to say about what Gail does in the next two threads, since she basically just follows Ricky and Whitney Acosta around. The one negative I'd say for Gail is that she has very little agency in her story. The other negative is her character is pretty flat. She's a good girl, she doesn't want to hurt anyone, etc. She actually makes a good counterpoint for the more active (and more violent) characters around her, and it's hard not to like her even though she's not particularly three-dimensional.

Then Mariavel appears and takes over the thread Gail's in bc she's Mariavel and why, Gail's handler takes her into another thread to do a killscene but apparently she's too overdue for death and Megami takes over, and the death I talked about in Sera's writeup happens. And it's way worse having read Gail's story; Megami takes a character who's been nothing but sweet and trusting and kind the whole game and has her lecture Sera about sin and how they all deserve to die and blah blah blah it's sooo far from Gail's character and I hate it.

final thoughts/tl;dr: Gail is a surprisingly good character- not a particularly well-rounded one, mind you, but a consistent and likable one. I think I could recommend her, outside of her super disappointing death. Plus you get to read all of Jackie Kovacs along with her, and he's good too. (also 7 threads was a lie, one of them is a one-post setup for a death that doesn't happen and another is the aforementioned oneshot Sera/Gail death scene that you should probably skip anyway)

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