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Derrin is an experience.

So the first warning is that he has disassociative identity disorder, or DID, which is multiple personalities. A unique one apparently, in that his personalities talk to each other. Normally 'Jeff' is suppressed by medication, which is good because Derrin is a nice kid and Jeff is a psycho.

So Derrin has a ton of horrible stuff in his biography. He is a foster kid with a ton of horribly abusive families in his past which apparently resulted in his DID . There's a lot of very casually thrown around references to sex offender foster parents and abusive ones and it's all very unfortunate.

The real crazy starts later. There's references to 'the answer', which is described as a glowing crystal, which Jeff seeks constantly and supposedly would be unstoppable even by death should he get it. Luckily this basically doesn't show up in the game because SOTF is not Final Fantasy and this is a very addition to a character that's already really out there.

Derrin has no pregame, so it's right to the game. It opens with Derrin and Jeff in a dreamscape, where Jeff tortures Derrin with memories of a terribly unpleasant scene which is derived from the prologue it seems. They argue a little, and then wake up when Derrin is thrown out of the helicopter hundreds of feet in the air.

He survives by landing through an attic of an old house and crashing into a pile of old bedding and mattress. That isn't how it works of course, so we'll move on. He encounters Garry Dodd downstairs (who is a whole new can of crazy) and leaves.

He briefly enters and exits a scene with Carmen and Pants after they've left, for no real reason. Then he runs into Garry again, gets knocked out in an explosion, Garry cuts him up a bunch but then Jeff takes over and punches Garry who runs. Derrin takes over again and freaks out because he's bleeding everywhere, attracting Chiaki who shoots him in the stomach to kill him painfully. He has a peaceful moment of telling off Jeff and then dies.

The good parts are present, albeit in small doses. If you took just Derrin's writing without the DID or abuse or anything, he's a fairly decent character. A person gets killed and has a Christmas ornament on their face which amuses Derrin until he sees that they were stabbed in the head with a tree topper star. His interactions with Jeff are reasonable from his perspective, for a given value of reasonable considering the premise. The grammar is alright, though there's a fair few spelling errors.

There's a lot of rough stuff unfortunately. The crazy weirdness in his background that never really comes up is pretty unnecessary, of course. His opening is totally nonsensical and is basically cartoon physics. Anything with DID is very sensitive to how it's handled and it almost always fails. The cartoonish sadism in game fails to line up with the emotionless ruthlessness Jeff is said to have in profile, which makes it even more jarring. Another nitpick is the use of italics to represent Derrin/Jeff conversing, which is very distracting.

I guess overall Derrin's not completely garbage. He has a lot of very questionable stuff we typically associate with older versions, but it does at least have a little more to it because Derrin himself is a functional character piece. Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend giving Derrin much of a look, but two of his four threads have only one post of his, so he's not a long read.

I won't be taking another just yet, but sometime in the near future I will request one.
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