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head shot (drank)
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okay so one post wonder or not I'm gonna do an actual writeup here

brittany's profile isn't actually too bad. it has her cup size which I hate and it has her losing her virginity at 13 and becoming promiscuous afterward which makes me itchy but otherwise she isn't a premade player or anything, just a snobby rich girl. in her first and only post she basically thinks "do they even Know who i Am" re: the terrorists, yells a lot, and literally says the line "Are there any of you rats out there that can help me?" which is a great way to make friends! then the Gossip King kills her, and i won't even get into what happens to her corpse after that (sam sorenson happens).

final thoughts: a character who almost sort of kind of i guess had some potential, which was completely wasted. no points.
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